Happy Solstice

As we spin back into the light, let's welcome the new year & give thanks!


Highlights from 2018

~ 2018 was a big year and it flew by in a blink ~

At the on-set, I set goals in hopes of invigorating myself to new heights. Now as we close out this year and reflect upon all that has come to pass, I am excited to announce that I met my goals - all of them! As I formulate the next steps in my growth as a designer & business owner I want to first take a moment to THANK YOU. This is all possible because of the outpouring of support I continue to receive and for that I am ever grateful.

For me, this year has been about finding ways to utilize who I am, to my benefit, rather than creating my own obstacles. By putting my stubborn grittiness to good use, I have been able to push through challenges to move forward. In 2019 I can only hope to be so fortunate. There is exciting news in sight, so I will keep pushing to new goals in hopes of sharing the glory with you all soon.

For now, let's celebrate a few of the accomplishments of 2018:

With the help and support of my family I have been able to open the new Studio & Shop here at our place. This allows me to have regular business hours in the shop while I am in the studio working away on my collection. Come see me!

I continue to improve my sustainability efforts by choosing wisely from supply chain to waste stream. I am particularly excited about the new recycled logo stickers - 100% post consumer waste & they are recycleable!

Check out the article on my business in the October issue of Thread Magazine.

~ Welcome The Tart Peach to the shop with her incredible handcrafted lipstick formulas. Because the response has been stellar, I just re-stocked and added 2 new colors for you to enjoy. 

~ Welcome Junk Party to the shop with her upcycled jewelry. Items will hit the online shop in the new year, but until then you can always shop in person.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Core Collection, Spring-Summer 2019 & more...

We can change the world with what we wear! 

Together we are doing just that by donating ~ 10% of ever purchase you make ~
This year we have been able to generously assist the community support efforts of:

Athens County Child Advocacy Center
Athens Birth Circle
My Sister’s Place
Survivor Advocacy Outreach Program
Health Recovery Services
Southeast Ohio History Center


The Studio Shop features Coral Marie collections along with a curated selection of handcrafted shoes, accessories & gifts.


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