Coral Marie is Ohio made, slow fashion that is consciously handcrafted and designed for your lifestyle.

I believe, that the clothing we wear is of utmost importance because it affects the way we feel and there is such power in feeling. How we feel is a force that can change everything. How we feel changes our actions and our ideas; it guides us.

What we wear can be an intentional choice to change the world. 


I offer two collections of limited edition pieces each year to bring you timeless options for every season. Each item is responsibly handcrafted in small batches in my studio. 

I make a selection of functional items for daily life that still keep simple beauty in mind. These items come and go as I am so inspired. Custom & special order pieces are also created in the studio per customer request. 

A curated selections of Shoes, Accessories & Gifts are featured within the studio/shop. These lovely pieces are offered as compliment to my own collection. I strive to select from similar mission driven brands when I am offering anything that I did not make myself.




*Wear clothes that are sewn by the power of the sun!  ~  The studio of Coral Marie now runs on 80%+ solar power.