Coral grew up on the whole grains, humidity and sunshine of Southeast Ohio's Appalachian Valley. She finds inspiration in the sky, the ground, the water and her relationships. “Designing is an exploration of my surroundings.”
Her previous career in the fashion industry informs her choices in the search for balancing a healthy creative practice. Upon becoming a mother, Coral slowly built her collection as a way to structure work, while balancing her new roles. Since 2011 the business has grown & blossomed along her personal journey of womanhood. "I strive to fulfill my creative practice, while being respectful to the planet and to my community. As I design, I focus on a harmony of functionality and beauty. I focus on sourcing sustainable materials that are reused, recycled or organic along with producing the work by hand in my studio."  
Being a maker is an important part of my design philosophy. By handcrafting each piece personally from start to finish I ensure the quality and impact of my work. This investment in the process allows for a better understanding of how to harmonize aesthetic & function. As a tactile person who enjoys materiality, I find myself humbled, challenged and inspired by the process of making slow fashion.
Coral holds a BFA from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Prior to launching her own collection she worked in design, production & sales for both women's and children's wear.

*Wear clothes that are sewn by the power of the sun!  ~ The studio of Coral Marie now runs on 80%+ solar power.