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Mineral Deodorant

Mineral Deodorant


A way to stay fresh without ruining your beautiful clothes!

by Silver Market Co.

Mineral Deodorants contain magnesium, which is often referred to as a "basic building block of life" making these deodorants incredibly beneficial and versatile. Our bodies use magnesium for more than three hundred enzymatic reactions, so feel free to use it on acne, as a hair treatment to help build up calcium for hair growth, or as a sea spray for beach waves.

Who Should Use Mineral Deodorants?
Our Mineral Deodorants can be worn by both men and women, however, we recommend them for those who have already adjusted to natural deodorants and weathered the detox period. If you have yet to switch to a natural product, you may feel the need to apply these mists multiple times a day until your body adjusts to a toxin-free product. To help with this adjustment period, dab the underarm area with organic apple cider vinegar before using the mist. This will help neutralize your pH levels to keep you feeling fresher longer.

Give these bottles a good shake to stir up any Himalayan pink salt that may have settled at the bottle of your bottle before misting. Application depends on each individual. Some may only need to apply once a day, while others may experience a need to apply every 4 to 5 hours.

Ingredients: organic witch hazel, distilled water, magnesium oil, Himalayan pink salt, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Deodorants come in a reusable/recyclable frosted glass 2 oz bottle."

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