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The Tart Peach Lipstick


Handmade Lipstick | Columbus, Ohio | Cruelty-Free

Gorgeous, dynamic lip color - hand poured in a twelve mold unit by The Tart Peach, using under 20 all-natural ingredients (FDA-approved dyes). 


ROYAL | It's time to look like a bad-ass - throw on some royal lipstick and rock the day. This deep burgundy will certainly make you feel like royalty.
CINNAMON | a well balanced red brown lipstick.
CRUSH | A pink coral lipstick that will make anyone crush ~hard~ on you.
RUSTY MAROON | An everyday, reddish brown nude.
STRAWBERRY JAM | Jeni's Ice Cream 'Strawberry Jam' inspired lipstick. It looks and tastes like strawberry, too! (with natural flavoring, of course).
FRIDA | a Frida Kahlo inspired lipstick, based off of her iconic orange-red lipstick shown in many of her photos.

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