Wear clothes that are sewn by the power of the sun!
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By shopping wisely you can buy less & buy better. This means that thoughtful intention, and the belief in doing good are behind your choices.

Intentionally seek items that bring you joy. When you find those lovely goodies, look at the impact they have on the hands that made them and on our planet. Be curious. Ask questions.

I choose to be a conscious maker, which requires that I consider all the same things my customers are considering for themselves with each purchase they make.

We should all be asking these questions.

How does my purchase...

impact individual people,

impact the planet,

make me feel when I wear it?

As a maker of slow fashion, I focus on the items quality, longevity and environmental impact. I choose materials that have integrity and craft them by hand. I design pieces with the intention of a long happy life of being worn.

Please think about each dollar you spend as an economic vote.  Vote for what you believe in. Support small business. Choose sustainable, handmade, ethical goods. Small gestures add up over time and in mass to create change.


*Find Coral Marie newly featured on Ec-Ohio

*Wear clothes that are sewn by the power of the sun!  ~ The studio of Coral Marie now runs on 80%+ solar power.