Working toward our Sustainability & Zero Waste Goals

I made your clothes


Clothes that are sewn by the power of the sun!

The studio is run on solar power captured onsite that offsets 80% or more of our entire power supply.


Any materials that enter the studio and do not end up in final products are dutifully reused when possible or recycled. We routinely reuse fabric scraps, pattern paper pieces, supply chain packaging, and other miscellaneous items. Those items that are not easy for us to reuse, we donate to local organizations that can use them. All other items are recycled.

We utilize our local mixed recycling program for regular items.

Fabric is recycled through a Terra Cycle program.

We recycle our shipping label and logo sticker backing either curbside or with a return program through Eco Enclose.

sustainable packaging



By utilizing the waste that can be turned back into healthy soil (such as 100% organic cotton thread clippings, serger cuttings, shredded paperwork & biodegradable packaging) we are cultivating our soil onsite.


~Because we re-use packaging in compliment to our wonderful packaging supplier Eco Enclose, we are able to always ship your orders using re-used packaging along with recycled & recyclable products (from the shipping labels to logo stickers, and carton tape).

~You are also able to recycle our shipping labels and our logo stickers (plus they are made of post consumer waste).

~We print on 100% post-consumer content recycled paper for all our office needs.

~We use responsibly sourced fabrics, certified organic cotton, printed with low-impact dyes & other sustainable blends. 

~We primarily use 100% organic cotton thread with an occasional application of 100% recycled PET polyester thread.

~Our hangtags, business cards, and promotional materials are printed on paper that is 100% recycled and certified FSC, Ecologo, Chlorine Free, Bio Gas Energy, Ancient Forest Friendly.

 photo credit: January Heuss Photography LLC 


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