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Clothes that are sewn by the power of the sun!

The studio is run on solar power captured onsite that offsets 80% or more of the entire power supply.


Any materials that enter the studio and do not end up in final products are dutifully reused when possible or recycled. We routinely reuse fabric scraps, pattern paper pieces, supply chain packaging, and other miscellaneous items. 


By utilizing the waste that can be turned back into healthy soil (such as thread clippings, serger cuttings, shredded paperwork & biodegradable packaging) we are cultivating our soil onsite.


~We ship your orders to you in reused or post consumer content recycled packaging.

~We print on 100% post-consumer content recycled paper.

~We use responsibly sourced fabrics, GOTS certified organic cotton, printed with low-impact dyes & other sustainable blends.

~We use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton thread.

~Did you know our hangtags & business cards are printed on plantable seed paper?


View our Zero Waste Pledge with Rural Action  or find us featured on Ec-OhioSustainable Fashion Directory & Solar United Neighbors