A melancholy moment held in like a long breath….and then….something broke open in the most amazing way.

This season is full of drama paired beside understated moments of hush. Organic cotton is the mainstay of this collection with a few touches of soy and bamboo. Stormy grays and cream are set off against crisp white, rich black and bold pattern. Splashes of electric blue, yellow & blush shift the melancholy to confidence. Mash it up for endless possibilities with your own favorite basics, previous season’s bests & combinations galore within this one collection. Options that feature duality so you can focus anywhere from ultra femme to simply masculine.

^ Androgen Shirt in White & Storm | Everyday Storm Pant | Barre Legging | Cara Boot ^

^ Petal Dress | Shadows Jacket ^

^ Petal dress | Luna Drop Pendant Necklace ^

^ Petal dress | Pulse Wrap top ^

^  Pulse Wrap top ^

^ Shadows jacket ^

^ Eclipse Dress (worn with jewel neckline in front) | Artemis Wrap Choker ^

^ Eclipse Dress (worn with jewel neckline in front) | Drops Necklace ^

^ Eclipse Dress (worn with jewel neckline in front) | Curve Back Top (worn with keyhole in front) ^

^ Eclipse Dress (worn with V neckline in front) | Curve Back Top (worn with overlap in front) ^

^ Eclipse Dress (worn with V neckline in front) | Artemis Wrap Choker ^

^ Blush Top | Shadows Jacket worn with Jones Trouser ^

^ Androgen shirt in Storm | Shadows Jacket worn with Barre Legging ^

^ Be Still Tank Top | Luna Drop Pendant Necklace worn with Luxe Legging ^

^ Be Still Tank Top | Gray Horizons Scarf | Eclipse Dress | Artemis Wrap Choker ^

^ Eclipse Dress (worn with V neckline in front) | Drops Necklace ^



This collection is handcrafted in OHIO with love - learn more about our sustainability efforts here

   models/muses:  Julia Martin & Sasha Sigetic  |  art direction/photography/designer:  Coral Marie