2020-2024 Change, Challenge & Opportunity

The realities of Covid-19 forced me as a maker to pivot quickly in order to meet the moment. Personal life transitions followed which restructured the daily flow for my family and my practice. I find myself in a new space where I am re-framing the shape and pace of my studio practice.

The past few years have opened many new challenging opportunities for me personally and within the fashion landscape. From going back to work full-time away from my own business by building a Fashion Design & Retail Merchandising program at a community college, to obtaining a Master of Professional Studies from the esteemed Parsons School of Design. These new influences will guide my progress and help make this business stronger.

After settling into the idea of re-invigorating my collection, I received notice from a beloved fabric supplier that they are closing in short order. This will mean that many past Coral Marie styles will no longer be available in their original fabrics. Our goal is to cherish this inventory's last pieces by finding their perfect homes. Let's celebrate some of the favorites before we move on to the next! 

~  2024 brings new collections ~

Coral Marie will return to creating collections in the year ahead! There will be new fabrics, new styles, and most importantly new energy to share that respects the pace of this lifestyle I live to offer you the most authentic Coral Marie ever.



Thank you for supporting Coral Marie.


Let's change the world with what we wear!

In support of the belief and vision that all people have a right to a violence-free life,

Coral Marie will be donating 10% of your purchases to:

My Sister's Place & Survivor Advocacy Outreach Program

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