Residual Accumulation

Fall-Winter 2019, In Two Series

Find a relaxed casual vibe mixed with a sophisticated finish this season. Minimal shapes with clean lines, and sweet moments of detail. The shifting palette of goldenrod with iron sets the tone for a sunset kissed moment based in the rich hues of deep reds, charcoal and earthly greens.

What is at hand if not our own tracings, formed from our being?

Our working

Our living

Our loving

 There is residue that accumulates from our doing.

^ Static V Top in Port with Olive Scarf & Heather Dress in Mulberry ^
^ Fortuna Shirt & Olive Blanket Scarf ^ 
^ Sunshine Duster over the Raven Dress ^ 
^ Raven Dress ^ 
^ Static V Top in Port with Millie Pant ^
^ Static V Top in Charcoal & Gertie Trouser ^
^ Sunshine Dress over Gertie Trouser & Olive Blanket Scarf ^ 
^ Static V Top with Sundry Wrap Skirt & Loom Scarf (lemon) ^
^ Heather Dress in Mulberry ^
^ Raven Dress with Olive Scarf ^ 
^ Static V Top in Fern with Loom Scarf in Oat - Heather Dress in Forest with Olive Blanket Scarf ^ 

^ Phantom Wrap Dress ^ 
^ Silo Shirt & Olive Scarf ^ 
^ Static V Top in Fern and Andro Pant ^
^ Static V Top in Charcoal with Millie Pant ^ 
^ Andro Shirt - Second Edition ^
^ Static V Top in Fern with Andro Pant  & Millie Pant ^ 



This collection is sustainably designed & handcrafted in OHIO with love - learn more about Coral Marie 

models:  Diana Kellewan, Amber Kellewan, & Benjamin Stewart  |  art direction/photography/designer:  Coral Marie Wedel 
 featured jewelry by:  Junk Party, Glass Sky, and Fable & Lore  |  featured lip colors by: The Tart Peach