I have been pondering fractals. The nature of which, evokes a poetic moment of intersection between mathematics and creative thought. I often find myself interested in the space between things, like the space between thoughts or the moment when one thing becomes another. My collections arise out of the bones of old ideas, taking shape and moving forward into new places. Like the heart yearning for bygone eras, or a moment of pleasure that has passed, rooting you firmly in the present. My own pursuit of truth is a self-similar iteration.

^ Andro Shirt, Geo Skirt & Geo Coat ^  

Graph Tank & Drive Skirt 

^ Drive Reversible Dress ^  

Drive Reversible Dress ^  

Colt Duster, Royal Blouse & Colt Skirt ^  

Graph Dress & Drive Legging in Black ^  

Graph Tank & Drive Legging in Black ^  

Andro Shirt / Harriet Top & Geo Skirt or Colt Skirt ^  

Harriet Top & Filly Trouser ^  

Harriet Top & Filly Trouser  ^  

Harriet Top & Andro Pant ^  
Harriet Duster & Drive Skirt ^  

Harriet Top & Drive Skirt ^   

Tulip Shell in Black, Geo Skirt & Colt Duster ^  

Drive Tunic & Drive Leggings in Plum ^  

Tulip Shell in black & Drive Skirt ^  

Andro Shirt & Drive Legging in Black ^  


This collection is designed & handcrafted in OHIO with love - learn more about Coral Marie 

models:  Daniella Siebert & Riley Kinnard  |  art direction/photography/designer:  Coral Marie Wedel 
 Featured earrings by:  Fable & Lore  |  Featured lip color by: The Tart Peach