Coral Marie Mask Project

Launched on April 2, 2020 in immediate response to the Covid19 outbreak.


We began making V1 Organic Cotton Face Masks with filter pocket available on a sliding scale or donated to ensure access. A week later we launched our second version of the project, still offering masks on a sliding scale, but with new pricing options to better meet our production costs in order to stay afloat.


The third version of the project was a release of the V3 Organic Face Masks in solids and prints available in three sizes. It is a fit improved style with less production time.


Our Fourth (and final, though I said that last time) version was the release of the V4 Athletic Face Masks in three sizes.


Turns out, I wasn't done yet after all! With the recognition of many who prefer a pleated mask style along with the ease of ear loops for being able to wear a mask without having it around your head, the P1 Pleated Face Mask was developed. I am offering it in four sizes to accommodate a wider range. Additionally, I have found a lovely supplier for knitted elastic that is made in the USA. You can now purchase replacement elastic or ties for your masks!


To date, we have produced over 1200 masks, 550 of which were directly donated or sold below cost. We continue to donate masks as possible, and  have provided our V1, V3, & P1 patterns for free use with sewing tutorial videos.


This project has been made possible in part by the COVID-19 Athens Response Fund, and by those who chose to pay it forward with their own purchases. A sincere thank you to everyone who has supported this project and this business all along the journey.


We are proud recipients of:

Athens County Creating Healthy Communities Coalition

2020 Golden Apple Award




Look at some of the many lovely people wearing & making Coral Marie masks!
Deep gratitude for all of you supporting these efforts and this small business during challenging times.
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