Dark Nights & Sugar Plums


A Capsule Collection ready for holiday parties. For when you want to coat it on thick like sugar; as sweet as you are wanted to be. But, your heart rages in its cage and you embrace that wild edge that rises from you like an imperative. Black and cream bounce off each other in the surrounds of delicious hues of purple. Pair it all effortlessly with past collections as well as your own favorite basics. Cut in small batches, these pieces are limited edition and ready to adorn the bold individuals who will wear them.


^ Royal Blouse & Phantom Skirt ^

^ Drift Tunic worn with Jolie Pant & Thumb Print Earrings | Pointelle Mini Dress & The V Legging ^

Tulip Shell worn with Basic V Top in black & Shadows Scarf | Daisy Overlay with Waltz Skirt ^

^ Drift Tunic & Feather Necklace ^

^ Royal Blouse & The V Legging | Royal Blouse worn with Jones Trouser & Lavender Mist Scarf ^

^ Basic V Top & The V Legging ^

^ Basic V Top, Phantom Skirt, Shadows Scarf & Loops Earrings ^

^ Mulberry Dress, Shadows Scarf & Blades Earrings ^

^ Marlene Dress ^

^ Sugar Plum Blouse, Phantom Skirt & Loops Earrings ^

^ Royal Blouse, Jolie PantBlades Earrings & Adriana Coco Boots ^

^ Sugar Plum Blouse with Jones Trouser | Mulberry Dress, Shadows Scarf & Blades Earrings ^



This collection is designed & handcrafted in OHIO with love - learn more about our sustainability efforts here

   models/muses:  Julia Martin & Sasha Sigetic  |  art direction/photography/designer:  Coral Marie