~ 2021 Summer Clouds ~

An airy & ethereal mini collection of favorites to bring on the Summer.
Enjoy 10% off pieces in this collection with code: SUMMERCLOUDS

Let’s make 2021 about rejuvenation!

The last year and a half was all about being able to pivot quickly in order to meet the moment. After extending continual effort for creative problem solving it is time for pause.

As you know, I have chosen to take this year for deep focus on reflection, evaluation, and projection for Coral Marie. By focusing my sales efforts on all the lovely work that is already made and completing items that are in process, I hope to create the opening for forward growth that my creative spirit requires. In order to make the most of the time I have in the studio for creative nourishment, I am changing the format!

Instead of launching full collections I am sharing mini collections of past favorites that still have stock, offering some sweet sales, and sprinkling in some wonderful new items too.

. . .

Thank you for supporting Coral Marie.

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