Accumulation - FW19 comes full circle

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The Fall-Winter Collection, Series Two - Accumulation 


This new series comes together with the first to complete the FW19 collection of sustainable slow fashion at Coral Marie. 

I have been thinking about what can sit just under the surface or build-up to set the scene of who we are. This framework brings us a moment where just the necessary detail is revealed to tell our story.

I sure got a laugh when my doctor explained that the injury I am healing is the result of an accumulation. Perhaps I was giving my own coded clues when naming this collection. Yes, we are made up of the residue and the accumulation of all the life we live. This collection has unwittingly become a visual discussion of my own personal tale. 

Special thanks to my models, muses & studio assistants. You rock!

This release is the second in the series for this collection. Some items are ready to ship now while others will be made to order, until the inventory completes over the next couple of weeks. If you have questions or a request just let me know.

With Gratitude,


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Donation Campaign 

 In order to help support my community I will be donating a portion of all sales to local organizations that support our environment, women's rights, social justice & community resilience. Small actions add up over time and in mass to create change. As a designer/maker, I take great care to ensure the quality and positive impact of my work. 

Let's change the world with what we wear!

To assist in their vision for "... building the capacity to secure social justice and peace for all";

I will be donating 10% of your purchases for the months of November & December to:


Yes, that’s right, Coral Marie can be for dudes too. Perhaps you’re already familiar with these shirts that embody a neutral style. The latest iterations are the Fortuna Shirt and Silo Shirt. Additionally you will find a Second Edition of the Andro Shirt with a few adjustments that make it even better than before. These shirts looks pretty great on any kind of human that likes a bit of a menswear vibe.

The neutral button up shirt styles will show our usual sizing along with a size that relates to traditional men's shirt sizing. 

You will also find some expanded sizing this season. Three of this season's styles now go one additional size up called 2XL which is a 16/18 equivalent.

Please refer to our SIZE CHART for details on how to choose your size. As always, ask if you have any questions!


Ohio Explored Autumn Maker Mart
Sunday, November 10th from 12-6 pm
A curated craft market featuring makers & artists from all over Ohio.

Event info here


Dayton Fashion Week Headlining Experience
March 21, 2020
Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Dayton
Individual designer showcase on the runway.

Purchase tickets here (click the green button for tickets & choose the show)


Learn more about our sustainability efforts



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